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Advanced Yachtworks

Services ​Advanced Yachtworks in Pensacola

Advanced Yachtworks is Pensacola’s number one choice for quality Marine work and craftsmanship. We offer many services for your yacht maintenance and repair including:

· Fiberglass repairs 

· Gelcoat repairs 

· Cutlass bearing replacement up to 2 3/4 inch shaft

· Keel and rudder foiling

· Barrier coating· Racing bottoms

· Topside refinishing

· Compounding and waxing (surface material appropriate)

· Bottom painting

· Thru hull installation

· Packing replacement

· Prop removal and shaft inspection

​· Prop speed application

· Trim system repairs

· Hatch and port light repair or replacement

· ​Thruster installation

· Blister repairs

· Underwater light installation

· Limited wood repairs and varnish work

· Spray rail installation

· ​Rub rail repairs and installation

· Bilge pump replacement and installation

· Battery charger and battery replacement

​· ​Electrical and plumbing.

​Advanced Yachtwokrs in Pensacola bottom jobs in Pensacola yacht maintenance in Pensacola